Sunday, July 23, 2017

Shego & Bonnie Misadventures

For this quick-y series I wanted to practice the way I draw body structures and proportions. I think this actually hits a nice balance for personal preference. Hopefully you guys enjoy it as well?

Friday, June 23, 2017

Raven, News & Info

As some of you should know, my art is a slow process. I don't have the luxury of time like other artists. If I did, then I'd be drawing every damn day and I'd likely be making far more improvements with ease.

Regardless, the effort is still there. I love creating content for you guys and appreciate your time to delve into what I have to offer. Hopefully you guys are enjoying yourselves.

So I've started this Raven sketch, although it deviated from the traditional tentacle rape scene and went more the consensual route:

I'm still struggling with what kind of style I want to settle on. I've been all over the place, from soft paints, to cel-shades, thick/thin inks and tons of various facial structures. I need to find that balance between realistic and cartoony. I'm likely going to take some time to nitpick every element of the face and see what I like and don't like, and how to bring that understanding to my art. I've said this before, but it's super difficult because I'm a lenient guy when it comes to personal interests in women. I can appreciate and enjoy so much variation with facial design, that concluding with a default is proving to be an enormous challenge.

In addition to that, there's also the consideration of how much I'll be able to alter the default, while still keeping the essence of the default - basically meaning I need a solid style already. /facepalm

Onward, to more random sketches!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Queen Bee's Nightmare

*To vote on the next victim of the tentacle nightmare, leave a comment on this post.

Options to choose from:

- Shego (Kim Possible)
- Jasmine (Aladdin)
- Raven (Teen Titans)
- Sam Manson (Danny Phantom)

I'll pull the poll in a few days. If I don't get any votes or a tie, then I'll choose.


My apologies for the long absence, however, work is simply draining my time. I'm experimenting, some more, with my style. The goal is to try and produce the highest quality work I can, while spending the least amount of time possible. So my next project is taking influence from the many great cartoon artists who utilize exaggerated 'toony' styles, while still exerting potent erotica elements.

The sketch was super quick, with very little adjustments. Again, focusing on not getting stuck with rendition after rendition.


Another long day's work had scrabbled by, leaving the little miss Rockwaller in her warm bed sheets. Nuzzling her head with the fluffy pillows, she started to doze off. So bent on outplaying Kim in cheer squad, even her dreams were starting to reflect the perfect scenario of a victorious splendor. A vision that coursed so potently, it served as the highlight of her day.

Suddenly a small speck had splattered on the window of Bonnie's bedroom. Although far too small for any sound to ruin the cheerleader's slumber. It only took seconds before this flee-like creature had crawled underneath the seal, breaching the princess' delicate castle. Bouncing inches closer, it stopped after landing on Bonnie's chin. The sleeping cheerleader was too far gone to feel the tickle beneath her nose.

Within Bonnie's lustrous fantasy, there she stood. Strong, adamant and a queen, her legs posed with a firm arrow shape as the other girls held her high in the sky. She raised an arm and took a deep breath. This was the final gesture, to take the mantle away from the Possible.

Bonnie jumped, swirling and twirling her long practiced routine. As she began her descent, something seemed off. The cheer squad started to disappear. Fading to black, then red, her wonderland had vanquished. Continuing to fall, a ground appeared below. Red dirt with holes scattered around, Bonnie had never seen such a sight. Aimed for one of the dark spots, a horde of monsters popped out before she reached the bottom. The tentacles were quick to rip her from the air...


WIPs of my next project, which is more of my traditional efforts - taking lots more time to adjust etc. You can clearly see a difference. One has the cartoonish feel, while the other is more of a 'realistic' sense.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Xera's Illusionary Form

Another commission, this time some good ol' Guild Wars 2. Seeing if I can really pronounce her rib cage area and try a slight side angle. I tend to fail with side shots + rib cage combos. Figure I'll get some practice in with this comm.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Backlog of Ideas

I've had a ton of ideas on the back burner for years now. It's about time I hit one of those up:

Lots of practice and experimenting with this one. Trying to up my painting skills and work on better proportioning with facial anatomy.

Although I've already spent too much time. Need to finish it before I end up in some wack artist's block or something...


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Been Awhile

Busy holding down two jobs and trying to manage rent. So my apologies ahead of time for the continued lack of updates. Need to organize a little and decide how I want to share my works. Think this blog will be just articles and stuff, then the two galleries via HF and Pixiv. Not sure how I feel about tumblr, might keep that for random stuff rather than treat it as a gallery.

Anyways, just thinking...

and because I don't want to leave you guys dry, here's a little WIP:

Friday, December 25, 2015

Bonnie Stuck on Swamp Planet

Here's the start of something I may turn into a little CG-set. It's a homage to Tennente's works. The concept and comedic elements etc. are all catering to things that you might find with ten's art.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jessie's Predicament


Work In Progress Session:

Alright, so I've got a bit of a stressful week going on. Lots of crap going down. Needless to say, my art production rate has slowed just a tiny bit. I've started my next pic with a quick sketch...

There's a pretty hefty re-sketch that needs to happen with this one. Lots of anatomy changes need to made and whatnot. I probably won't have the time to finish this until near the end of the month, after I move to my new apartment and my transportation situation is taken care of.

In addition, there's an OC I got permission to draw, which is also on the 'upcoming art' list. Pretty excited about that, but as usual, no spoilers here. Leave it up to the WIPs to jog your imaginations.

Ended up experimenting some more. I pushed my norm and tried a more expressive face, which essentially meant tightening things up. That, in turn, just messed with the upper torso proportions etc. Yet I'm liking the results. More of a "sexy" edge and also has a more feminine look to the overall structure.

I think the more realistic proportioned eyes are something I may stick with from now on. Although still not 100% how it's going to flow with cel-shading as usually I like thicker outlines, which might take up too much space over the volume (even with a huge canvas size).

Monday, September 14, 2015

Nerd Captures a Ghost


It had been months of determination, utilizing every breath he had to plan and assimilate an ultimate device. Nearly reaching breaking point, with no social life and living quarters that stunk of garbage, the ghost capturing contraption was finally ready. Everything in check, he took the first step towards victory "I wish for Desiree to appear herself, right in front of me". Only moments passed before the ghost genie was summoned. "No one has wished for that before." She said. The geek's heart was racing with excitement "It's really...". Desiree couldn't help but laugh "Pathetic human, what else did you expect?".

Without wasting time, the geek pressed a button at his computer desk, igniting a surge of light around Desiree. She became completely encapsulated by the sporadic energy. "What's going on!?" She yelled "I can't move!". The geek approached Desiree with his specially designed wrist cuffs. He started to latch the cuffs over Desiree's wrists, "How dare you! No man may touch me!" she exclaimed with a deep roar.

The geek then attached a strap to his wrist, which was wired to a handheld device. He clicked the button at the top of this device, which immediately transferred the energetic field into a concentrated rope-like bondage. Desiree was now dangling from his ceiling, powerless and angry...

Work In Progress Session:

Alright, time to push this new style some more. Since my previous was an angled side shot of the face, this one needs to be frontal. Right now it looks sharp and dainty, but those features are going to be defined with more volume. I do like the size though - a lot less elongated.

Threw in a slightly more dynamic flow to her structure and gave more volume to her face. I think that nose is generally where I want to be anyways. The mouth, on the other hand, may need further development to get right. About time for inking.