Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Rat Queen on a Rainy Day

This piece had a lot of prior knowledge meshed together, which in turn became a little experiment. Several methods and techniques that I've come to adhere to are typically not good with each other. Mixing cel-shades with painterly shades, for example. Also, having painterly shades with thick inks/outlines. It just breaks the flow, in lots of respects. With this commission, the trick was to find a balance, yet it still kind of came out a little muddled.

During the creation process I was noticing that a big issue I have is with structures not being 'tight' enough. So my shades tend to be more subtle than I'd like, which can change when I commit to shapes that are more complex. I could've shaded in the details, like giving her stomach more variation etc. I decided not to because from this day forward I'd like to commit to outlining surface values during the sketch phase. Doing this I can control a lot of how shapes become more 'tight' and ultimately compact more details into smaller spaces.

So expect some more stylistic changes with further projects.

This was a commission by noonehereever

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