Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jessie's Predicament


Work In Progress Session:

Alright, so I've got a bit of a stressful week going on. Lots of crap going down. Needless to say, my art production rate has slowed just a tiny bit. I've started my next pic with a quick sketch...

There's a pretty hefty re-sketch that needs to happen with this one. Lots of anatomy changes need to made and whatnot. I probably won't have the time to finish this until near the end of the month, after I move to my new apartment and my transportation situation is taken care of.

In addition, there's an OC I got permission to draw, which is also on the 'upcoming art' list. Pretty excited about that, but as usual, no spoilers here. Leave it up to the WIPs to jog your imaginations.

Ended up experimenting some more. I pushed my norm and tried a more expressive face, which essentially meant tightening things up. That, in turn, just messed with the upper torso proportions etc. Yet I'm liking the results. More of a "sexy" edge and also has a more feminine look to the overall structure.

I think the more realistic proportioned eyes are something I may stick with from now on. Although still not 100% how it's going to flow with cel-shading as usually I like thicker outlines, which might take up too much space over the volume (even with a huge canvas size).

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