Monday, September 14, 2015

Nerd Captures a Ghost


It had been months of determination, utilizing every breath he had to plan and assimilate an ultimate device. Nearly reaching breaking point, with no social life and living quarters that stunk of garbage, the ghost capturing contraption was finally ready. Everything in check, he took the first step towards victory "I wish for Desiree to appear herself, right in front of me". Only moments passed before the ghost genie was summoned. "No one has wished for that before." She said. The geek's heart was racing with excitement "It's really...". Desiree couldn't help but laugh "Pathetic human, what else did you expect?".

Without wasting time, the geek pressed a button at his computer desk, igniting a surge of light around Desiree. She became completely encapsulated by the sporadic energy. "What's going on!?" She yelled "I can't move!". The geek approached Desiree with his specially designed wrist cuffs. He started to latch the cuffs over Desiree's wrists, "How dare you! No man may touch me!" she exclaimed with a deep roar.

The geek then attached a strap to his wrist, which was wired to a handheld device. He clicked the button at the top of this device, which immediately transferred the energetic field into a concentrated rope-like bondage. Desiree was now dangling from his ceiling, powerless and angry...

Work In Progress Session:

Alright, time to push this new style some more. Since my previous was an angled side shot of the face, this one needs to be frontal. Right now it looks sharp and dainty, but those features are going to be defined with more volume. I do like the size though - a lot less elongated.

Threw in a slightly more dynamic flow to her structure and gave more volume to her face. I think that nose is generally where I want to be anyways. The mouth, on the other hand, may need further development to get right. About time for inking.

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