Monday, May 4, 2015

Tentacle Invasion

For my next project it seemed appropriate to attempt capturing a new style & aesthetic. For the past few years my art never had much focus other than "to improve". As a result, the time I spent drawing had a lack of meaning. Instead of trying to assert expression, it was all about amplifying my capabilities. That's fine and dandy, up until I actually want to convey my own interpretations and perspectives. I never put much thought into how I'd deliver something that felt like my own - in terms of design.

So now I figure it's time to take that step. I'm going shy away from the realistic aspects. Instead I'd like to put more emphasis on illuminating the necessary components that make up what I can enjoy the most. Rather than desperately struggling to capture a real life interpretation, going back to exaggerations should help stimulate the fun aspect of it all. That, in turn, will help me get back on my feet.

One important change I must consider is the facial structure. It's arguably the most valuable element, even in hentai. A good expression is half of a good story, at least for us humans.

Back when I first started drawing, my "style" had veered in a rather odd direction. I attempted to take the cartoon style of the show I was parodying and merge it with a realistic-esque body.

Sample of an older work done in 2009/2010:

About the only thing holding that type of design together was the inks, colors and shades. I had a terrible understanding of anatomy, so right off the bat there was a major culprit to this "style". On top of that, the vast samples of cartoons to choose from were all different. So even though you might be thinking the above image is decent, I assure you that only works for the Kim Possible style. Once I attempted Danny Phantom, for example, it was completely off the wall.

Yet now with a much better understanding of anatomy (and still learning!), there's leeway. I now have the ability to shift certain structures to fit my interpretation, while still keeping true to what I've learned from real life. That's pretty much how style works anyways.

So for this next pic I tried sticking the KP style with the initial body structure just to see if I could, once again, meld it together. As much as that looks passable, to me it's not. The facial structure essentially belongs to Stephen Silver. It's his interpretation and perspective. Although it'll certainly garner support from the many fans of KP... it's still not mine.

Now with my current knowledge of anatomy, we can shift to a direction that feels closer to home.

Went for a way more dynamic upper chest, something that ultimately made it flow better - from the neck connection to arm placements. There's also more suggested volume rather than the previous flat back. Besides, we can't go without some good ol' booby fun.

Notice anything off with the tentacle holding her arms? Oops...

Then I proceeded to go with the cel-shaded style - a homage to my old art I suppose. I had gotten used to a painterly style. so going back to this previous method felt very strange. Yet somehow I was compelled to push forward and see if I couldn't 1-up how I used to do it.

Final Result:


Adrenaline was burning rapidly through Bonnie's system, as she watched her fellow cheer squad become victims in a vicious attack. Like rats being coiled by snakes, alien tentacles were infesting the locker room with their unbreakable grasp. Bonnie kept a slow pace while she backed up to the exit. The rest of the squad were grunting and struggling to get free, until a snap was heard. One of the girl's necks had cracked, leaving a moment of silence before the rest of the group caught on.

Screams had followed behind Bonnie as she sprinted out of the locker room. She bolted across the gym floor, yet only making it half way before something snagged her ankle. A hoard of tentacles had spotted her, slowly entangling around Bonnie's arms and legs. "No! Please! Don't hurt me!" Bonnie exclaimed.

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